Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anybody out there?

Greetings from the great beyond in 46 Long land!   We don't imagine that too may people miss this blog, but just in case, we wanted to say a thing or two. First of all, if you really want to stay in touch, you need to friend the 46 Long Fan Page on facebook. We update that daily. also, we'd like to briefly list the following recent accomplishments:

2013 CEA nominees for Best Blues in Cincinnati
2013 Best of Cincinnati nomination for Original Local Music
2013 Blake Taylor - Best of Cincinnati nomination for Best Local Musician
2012 "Tennessee" came in at #77 on the top 89 of WNKU

Performed at the CEAs with Ricky Nye.

Chosen to perform at the Winter Blues Fest

Introduced a drummer for late night loud gigs.

Blake is learning guitar.

Drank lots of beer and ate lots of pizza.

Still writing and composing.

Still at Arnold's the first Friday of the month at 6pm.

Still love our fans - especially the women who go "Woo!"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lock it up!

Despite cursed gear....a great night at Arnold's. Two brand new Jonathan songs made their Arnold's debut. Gotta love the "Woo Hoo" NKU crew, and thanks to Lou and Bob for yet another return visit, and to all of our new fans! See you next month! We have recording to do in the meantime....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tennessee, Baby!

Wow! What a great evening last night! We played two rockin' shows, we debuted a new song by Jonathan, "Tennessee," we met all sorts of new friends, and we had awesome fan support! Thanks! Let's do it again this next Friday at Arnold's!

Monday, January 24, 2011


It's come to be known as BIG FRIDAY in 46 Long land. This Friday, Jan 28, we
have TWO shows for your boogie pleasure:

7-9 PM - Pendleton Arts Center Final Friday. This is the gig for those of you
who want an artsy, family-friendly, smoke-free time of it. The Pendleton is an
arts complex downtown, and at the centerpiece is an eight story former warehouse
that has been turned into artist studio loft space. It's really cool, there's
tons of food and drink, and you feel like you're in a far more hip city than
Cincinnati. No offense, but it's a matter of degrees. This event is special, as
it is, in part, a fundraiser for the Huntington's Disease association. Voluntary
donation at the door and all cash bar proceeds go to fight Huntington's Disease.

11:00-??? Southgate House - Winter Blues Fest. This is the gig for those of
you who wish for a decidedly UN-wholesome, debaucherous time of it. We work both
sides of the river, baby! We'll be in the lounge doing who knows what, and
having a good time of it. The Blues fest is both Friday and Sat, and there will
be hot Blues on three stages all night, both nights. Bands hit the stage at
8:00, and go until the whiskey and smokes are gone.

Can't decide? Well, our favorite words are BOTH and MORE. See you Friday!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, Happy New Year to you, too!

Holy crud! We wake up this new year to exciting news: "Off the Rack" has been voted one of the top 89 albums of the year by WNKU! We're #59! By some miracle, we're higher in the list than Charlie Musselwhite, David Byrne, Indigo Girls, and Peter frikkin' Frampton. Yowza! Thanks so much to the coolest fans any Blues Duo could ask for!

So, let's celebrate this Friday at Arnold's. It's first Friday, so that means we'll be rocking the courtyard from 6-8pm. Mention this post and we'll buy you a beer!

Then, we're finishing the month in grand style with a big two-gig evening on Friday the 28th. We'll be at the Pendleton Galleries for the annual Huntington's Disease benefit gallery walk. As usual, we're on the 7th floor of this huge eight-story artist loft warehouse. Beer, food, wine, and beautiful people galore!

Then, later that same evening, we're playing the Winter Blues Fest at the Southgate House in Newport. We're playing at 11:00 (or so) in Junie's Lounge. This is always a wild event, with three stages of rockin' Blues all weekend.

Important links:
Southgate House:

See you soon, and thanks again!

- Blake and Jonathan

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote, and vote again!

Yes, it is election day, and whether you're a tea-guzzling Republitarian, or an Absinthe-quaffing Progressiberal, go exercise a power that corporations wish they had. Vote.

Speaking of which, we still need your votes for the CEA awards. You can vote as often as you wish, and we wish that you loves you some voting. It only takes 30 seconds. Really!

Voting ends Nov 15. Just type your email and click away. Don't worry about neighborhood, etc. unless you want to brag. We're nominated in the Blues category, and the competition for votes is fierce. Sonny Moorman has every leather, denim and chrome vote locked up from Ludlow to Lebanon, and Ricky Nye has the entire beret-wearing population of northern Europe backing him. Grooveshire has the jam band crowd locked up, and they'll forget that they voted, and will, therefore, be sure to vote again. And J Dorsey will get all twelve of the 20-something blues-loving crowd in town to vote for them (each with 1000 facebook friends). We can't make it alone on the age 30-45, married with kids crowd that likes acoustic Blues (that's not always Blues) without guitar solos vote. We need you, too!!

So, to sum up. Vote. Vote again, and then come on out to Arnold's on Friday. We'll be there from 6-8, and we promise we'll show you a good time.

- Blake and Jonathan.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 CEA Nominees!

Holy cats! We've been nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award!!! We're incredibly flattered and humbled and all of that sincere crap, but at the end of the day, you like us! You really, really like us....!

Ahem. That said, and as badass as getting nominated is (the process is about as secret as a McArthur Genius Award), we need your help. Yeah, we're already trying to figure out the color of our tuxes and the length of the limo for the awards ceremony in November (or do I have that backwards?), but we don't have any chance of winning if you don't get out the vote. Our competition is fierce, with previous CEA award winners Ricky Nye, J Dorsey, and Sonny Moorman - both legends - in our category.

Your vote can help us win against these odds. All you need to do is click on the link, type your email address, and vote for us in the Blues category.

Here's the link:

While you're there show lots of love for other local artists. Just not in our category, OK?

We love you! Thanks!