Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote, and vote again!

Yes, it is election day, and whether you're a tea-guzzling Republitarian, or an Absinthe-quaffing Progressiberal, go exercise a power that corporations wish they had. Vote.

Speaking of which, we still need your votes for the CEA awards. You can vote as often as you wish, and we wish that you loves you some voting. It only takes 30 seconds. Really!


Voting ends Nov 15. Just type your email and click away. Don't worry about neighborhood, etc. unless you want to brag. We're nominated in the Blues category, and the competition for votes is fierce. Sonny Moorman has every leather, denim and chrome vote locked up from Ludlow to Lebanon, and Ricky Nye has the entire beret-wearing population of northern Europe backing him. Grooveshire has the jam band crowd locked up, and they'll forget that they voted, and will, therefore, be sure to vote again. And J Dorsey will get all twelve of the 20-something blues-loving crowd in town to vote for them (each with 1000 facebook friends). We can't make it alone on the age 30-45, married with kids crowd that likes acoustic Blues (that's not always Blues) without guitar solos vote. We need you, too!!

So, to sum up. Vote. Vote again, and then come on out to Arnold's on Friday. We'll be there from 6-8, and we promise we'll show you a good time.

- Blake and Jonathan.

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