Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to the 46 Long Blog!

So, we've finally decided to join the few dozen or so other blogs that are out there. What we envision this to be is a place for us to reflect on recent shows, post news and updates, and get feedback from our fans.

Ideally, we'll have our thoughts on recent shows within 24 hours, and we welcome your comments / questions / professions of undying lust, etc. For example: "That was a kick-ass 'Death Letter' tonight," or "Hey what was that cool new song?" or "Does Jonathan stuff his trousers, or is that natural?" You know........

So here's your chance to hang backstage with the band. Help yourself to whatever. Remember, though, the Bourbon is for Blake, The Remy XO is for Jonathan, the beer is for everyone. Blake will happily make mixed drinks for the ladies, but please understand he's not being entirely altruistic in doing so.


1 comment:

  1. Hi guys, long time no see! I like the new blog site. Hope I can get out and see you somewhere soon. I'm finally allowed back out of the house, transplant was a success, cancer's gone and now I'm a "skinny bitch".
    Jonnathan, how's the family doing, the kiddos etc.? Oh and I don't remember Blake's intentions with ladies ever being entirely altuistic. :o)