Thursday, February 26, 2009

Solo in the Studio

Well, Blake is sick. No... not like that. Well, yeah, he is.... but I mean right now he's got a cold. So, I wound up by myself in Rubber Biscuit a couple of nights ago.

What to do? Rather than just drink beer and talk microphones with the engineer, I decided to lay down a track for Blake to add to later. Luckily, one of the tune's we're considering for "Off the Rack" is an old standard of mine: "Who's Been Talkin?"

So, I chose my trusty MXL 960 with Peluso Capsule for Vocals, and went with the Blue Bluebird on the Seagull S Folk, which is a very nice sounding little guitar.

We got some nice sounds right off. The Bluebird is great on acoustic guitars. There was a bit of bleed between the two mics, since despite the AE's grumping I went ahead and tracked vocals and guitar at the same time. I'm all about vibe over separation and purity. In fact, I think bleed between the mics is a beautiful thing most of the time. It makes things sound bigger and more natural.

So, even without Blake, I was able to make it a pretty productive night. And, mysteriously, there was a lot more beer around. Once he's feeling better, we'll bring him and his '62 Princeton in and have him blow some electric harp, which he hasn't gotten to do much on this project.

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