Sunday, September 6, 2009

Been too long....

SORRY!!!! The start of the school year is insane for us. I don't even have time right now - just the tiny window while the Mrs. gets ready for bed. No, I don't have to sneak my blogging, but, well, that's not what I'm here to talk about. Two quick things - Arnold's again rocked last night. Thanks to everyone who came out - from the Brian to the burlesque - and, despite some apparent microphone issues, and the stage being stormed by the next band before we even had a chance to start breaking down (you guys are a good band, but dudes, give us ten minutes, and we're out of there. Then we don't have to all be crammed in and competing for cramped passageways to move gear like lost salmon. It raised the stress level unnecessarily to have you guys rush your gear up there like that. When we went back to get the gear we forgot in the hustle, the waiter told us you dudes have done that to other bands. In good faith and comaradeship, that ain't cool.We're pros. We know you need the stage. Just wait a minute. It's only two of us, anyhow.) it was another classicly good Arnold's night. Did you check out the Hoodoo-drop down - jockey jam? Never done that before...not sure what inspired it or where it came from, but it was a fun surprise...giggle.

Second thing - after picking up the mic stands at Arnold's this afternoon (ahem) I dropped off flyers at the Courtyard cafe for our Midpoint Music Festival showcase performance on Friday, Sept. 25 at 11:30 pm. That's gonna kick so much ass. Hope you folks can come out in droves.

We love you - no time to thank you in person right now. We've recorded 8 / 11 songs for the CD. It is coming along, we promise.....

- Blake

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  1. After the first week of classes at the Univerisity of Cincinnati, we can't think of a better way to start our weekend action than the 46 Long show. Can't wait for that new CD!