Monday, September 28, 2009

Hell, Yeah! (Slight Return)

Blake ain't blowin' smoke here... though he was blowin' the windows out on Friday night. That was a killer gig. One of the best in the many many years I've been giggin'.

Victoria and I had a great time out before our own gig. We caught a couple of quasi-prog bands at the Know Theatre (New Vega) was one. We then strolled to the Below Zero Lounge, where Joshua gushed over how beautiful Victoria was and abused me for my white socks. We discoed down for a bit under the lazer lights, and then headed off to catch the Heartless Bastards (and Blake) at Grammers. Along the way we chatted with the very cool driver of Scion #4. At Grammers we couldn't find Blake, but enjoyed the tail end of the Bastard's set... and ran into none other than the Bootyshaker herself, who announced she was on her way to the Courtyard to see none other than 46Long.

We then headed to the Courtyard in a responsible manner. We had a nice chat with the driver of Scion #2 on the way. Pulling up in front, we were tickled to find Sir Luke outside with a bunch of friends... more fans! Woohoo! We stood in line for a minute and then managed to crowd in, despite the door dude announcing that there was no room at the Inn. Blake waved from the back, and none other than Nathan was hanging out, too.

Chick Pimp were totally rockin' out, and the crowd was jumpin. Blake fretted (as Blake must) that the shift from a full band to us might not work for the crowd. I declared that we were going to burn the joint down... there was way too much momentum built up in the room to worry about such things.

Chick Pimp finished up and broke down with professionalism, and good cheer. We hooked up our wee little instruments, I strapped stuff to my feet, and THEN WE THREW DOWN. It was one of those nights were you just couldn't be out of the groove. And another shout out for our sound guy... it's no easy thing to have to dial in a band on the fly, but this guy had us rockin' half way through the first song. Wish I had bought you a beer!

Anyway, I only broke the surface of normal consciousness a couple of times during the set... the rest of the time I was totally groovin' on the vibe and the crowd... oh... and Victoria's dancing. That's my wife boys... keep your distance!

45 minutes or so later, soaked with sweat, we pulled off the stage and enjoyed the Frankl Project before Victoria and I heading back to wake up the babysitter.

A dang fine night indeed.

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