Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, something was amiss at Arnold's on Friday - the staff seemed really on edge and weren't their usual warm n' fuzzy selves...must be stressful in the service industry this time of year - and Jonathan was under the weather, but we still had a good time for my birthday bash. We even broke out a new song - our arrangement of Willie Dixon's "Weak Brain, Narrow Mind." Definitely a work in progress. Might help if I remembered the words....maybe ought to put it in the first set...

Thanks to everyone who made it out - Nick, Bob, Marg, Dan and Sarah (and friends), the Fellerhoffs, the ladies of Barnyard Burlesque were front and center, singing along (we love that), the Caterwaul crew, Dave, Ronelle, Zoe, Lucia, and anyone else we've forgotten to mention.

Nothing until the Leo Coffeehouse on Jan 24, and then the Pendleton is the 29th. We can't wait to see you!

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