Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hangin' with Michael Hill at Arnolds

Now... we know Arnolds' is one of the coolest joints in Cincinnati. But this Friday drove the point home yet again.

The night got off to a spotty start, when I happened to hurl one of the brand-new JBL PA speakers off the stage and onto the concrete patio floor. Sorry about that Rhonda.

But, the speaker came out fine, and Blake showed up and we hand a delicious OTR ale and got ready to fire up the first set. As I was tuning and strapping stuff to my feet, a group walked in. One of them definately checked out my guitars with a practiced eye... 'self', I said to myself, 'he's a guitarist.'

So we kicked things off, and promptly started to cook. The sound was especially good (hey... maybe speakers LIKE to be hurled to the floor!), and the crowd was into it. I checked out the guitarist who was smilin' and groovin' along. 'Cool' thought I, 'it's always nice to get positive feedback from another musician... and danged if he doesn't look kinda familiar.'

And then it hit me. That was Michael Hill. Of Michael Hill's Blues Mob . So, inbetween songs I cunningly say "Hey... are you Michael Hill?" And he replied "Yep."

So.... I'm playing guitar for Michael Hill... an internationally recognized guitarist and social commentator. But, hey... he's diggin' it!!!
We finished up the set and Mr. Hill came up and introduced himself and his son. He was totally gracious, and chatted with us for most of the space between sets... and then set off to see his very first hocky game.
We then proceeded to smoke the joint for one more set, and then handed the stage over to the Juggernauts.
That's the sort of stuff that happens at Arnolds...

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