Friday, April 23, 2010

RIP, Seagull

Shortly after we finished recording "Time's Right," Jonathan decided that he wanted a studio guitar - something a bit fancier, a bit more delicate than his road warrior Takamine - just for recording. The Seagull he purchased was a lovely little acoustic, and is featured on nearly every track on our upcoming CD.

This doesn't end well, as you have probably already guessed. Yesterday, as Jonathan was cleaning up where the cat had pooped in the studio (another problem, entirely...I mean, we already sound like crap as it is...) the big guy stood up, hit his head on the bottom of the Seagull, dislodging it from where it was hanging, and sending it hurtling to the concrete floor below. "F-ing shattered" were the words a bereft Jonathan used.

So tonight, take a moment to pour out a little of your 40oz, or a sassy Zinfandel, in memory of the Seagull.

Then you can go over to our facebook fan page, and check out the late Seagull in action on "Hoodoo Your Love."

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