Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Midpoint...we hardly knew ye!

It was all over in a flash on Sept. 24 - We played, we played our asses off...and was over. Just a short, sweaty 40 minutes. After that, we headed out to explore the musical offerings of Midpoint. Well, I did - Jonathan went home a bit early. O I checked out a bunch of bands - notably Space Hog and Goose. Tried to get in to see Surfer Blood, but couldn't get close - line around the block. When Mike Breen and his date couldn't get in, and when Dan Bockrath (my intrepid escort at that point) couldn't bypass the crowds, you know it was a smokin show. Anyway, we wandered down to Arnold's, of course, and it was off the hizzook (or whatever the kiddos say these days), of course. Seriously, when all else fails - go to Arnold's. We wrapped the night up there, heading our separate ways, and wanting more.

The next Friday found us at Arnold's ourselves, and had a full house - mostly of new inductees. Perhaps as a result of Rick Bird's awesome article about us and the CD in the Enquirer. Thanks, Rick!!!

We have HD Beans on the 22nd. For those of you who don't know it, HD Beans is a funkily sprawling coffee shop / bar / cafe on Montgomery Rd between Kennedy Heights and Silverton. Look for "Big Papa's Car Audio" - it's right next door.

Then we'll see you at Arnold's, of course!

- Blake and Jonathan

Speaking of HD Beans - mark your calendars early for the Dec. 18 show at HD Beans to celebrate Blake's 40th!!!!

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