Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, well, well..... we had a blast as usual last night at the Pendleton galleries. And, as promised, there was lots of great art, good food and drink, and primo people watching.

Thanks to our old friends and new who came out: The 1st church crew - Larry, Joe, Ken, Beth, Susan, Jo Ellen, Denise, and so many more. Your support has been amazing, and it means a lot to us. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed the tunes. And we made some new friends, like Randall, Ellie and her friend, The amazing, ubiquitous Leugers boys, and we hope that Dan's brother likes the CD. See Dan for the refund if necessary. He's good for it.

Anyone else we may have missed / omitted, please forgive, as I'm operating on not much sleep, because......

.....I headed across the river afterward to the Winter Blues fest. Man, what a good show that was. What struck me was how BIG the bands on the main stage were. I mean, the Bluebirds, and whoever was playing the 10:00 slot...there must have been at least 10 people onstage in each of those bands.

Sounded great, but how the hell do you pay all of those people? Sometimes I don't even pay Jonathan.......and he has roof issues, I hear.....

I got a chance to sit in with Ricky Nye, and I gotta say, when you sit in with that band, you REALLY need to be on your A game. The musicianship is SO good...I mean, as a harmonica player it's hard to not have an inferiority complex about the limitations of your instrument as it is, but with really good musicians, especially those who so freely go from swing, to boogie-woogie, to Blues, to Jazz...and kick ass in all genres, well, if you're gonna play with the big boys, you better listen carefully, pay really close attention, be aware of space, space, space, and don't suck. I hope I did these things ok. Thanks, Ricky!

It looks like it will be a while before our next gig. Sniff. Maybe I ought to hustle and get some more shows...but where? Besides, we have a CD to finish.

On that note, thanks again to everyone last night. It was a great evening!

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