Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Studio Shots

A bit belated, perhaps, but here are some studio shots from the last session at Rubber Biscuit Studio. We didn't get a final take... but them's the breaks!
The first shot is of Blake singing into a OktavaMod MK319. This mic likes Blake!

Next is me, playing the Liberty Resonator. That's a modified MXL 960 tube mic with a Peluso CEK 89/s capsule and a NOS Mullard 4024 tube.

In the background is a TNC1200 tube mic, which the engineer was using as a "room mic" to add a bit of space to the tracks we were laying down.

Here's Blake doin' what he does best! He's got lungs down to his knees.

And, finally, here's me, doing my best to belt out a line. You'd think with all that emotin' we woulda gotten a keeper track... but that's studio work for ya! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But... you, loyal fans, can trust us to keep pluggin' away until we get it right. Or until we run out of beer, whichever comes first.


  1. yeah yeah, mics: fine. What's in the rest of the signal chain? mic pres? compressor? EQ?

  2. Did you move that pop filter to get a better photo shot? For shame! ;)

  3. You don't need a pop filter when you're going "Aaaaaaaaaaa". ^_^

  4. *shudder* God, I hate microphones. Seriously. I've never been able to get a sound I like with one, even bazillion dollar mics with high zoot tube channel strips, ad infinitum.

    I have watched professional engineers in some of the best studios in the world - Electric Lady, Right Track, Sync Sound, &c. - set up, EQ, and compress mics with awesome results, but if I so much as TOUCH a dial or fader, it all goes back to sounding like a Radio Shack production. Mics might as well come with voodoo instructions, as far as I'm concerned.

    Fortunately (For me and the rest of humanity), I don't sing - a "friend" says, "If you ever stood next to him in Church, you'd know why he doesn't sing." - and I can record my guitars direct.

    Mics suck. LOL!

  5. vocopro for the win...yes they suck compared to sures,,, but for the price...there is no equal!

  6. What kind of a harmonica mic does Blake use? I dont see a pic or any mention of a harp mic.

  7. An,I forgot, Greetings from Ann Arbor, MI.
    If y'all would like to play in Ann Arbor, do contact me, I could possibly hook y'all up with folks here who could book you guys.

  8. Hey, Dan -

    I play about 75% of my harp work with Jonathan acoustically - through the vocal mic. When I do amp up, my rig is a Greg Heumann custom mic with in-line volume control(http://www.blowsmeaway.com) into a '62 brown Princeton with a '58 Jensen p10Q....a couple tube swaps, but you gear guys wouldn't care about those...sometimes a little delay live, and that's it!

    - Blake

  9. Sir Pablo,

    The Pre selection at Rubber Biscuit includes an ART MPA Gold (with NOS Mullard and Jan Phillips 12AX7's), an ACMP-73 Neve knock-off, a Meek VC3Q, and a DCM-3. As for outboard EQ, we prefer to get the sound with mic placement...