Saturday, March 14, 2009

H.D. Beans & Bottles Debut

Last night was a first for me & Blake... we played H. D. Beans in Silverton for the first time. It's a great coffeehouse kinda joint, but they've recently branched out into beer & wine. They had a beer tasting going on, and wisely decided to hire a Blues Band to add some vibe to the occasion. Even better, they hired us. Blake & I sampled the Brooklyn Brewing Lager repeatedly over the evening. Not a bad brew at all.

We managed to grab a sandwitch while setting up... mmmmmm. Thanks Sara! The room was all full of wood and angles, and sounded great. Never seen such comfy chairs in a band venue, either... everybody looked like they were reclining in the first class section of Singapore Airlines.

It was a family-friendly show for the first set, and the room was packed with kids... most of them actually paying attention and dancing around. The second set was a bit more mature, so we got to throw down just a bit.

A lovely evening. Thanks to everybody for coming out! We had a blast.

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