Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mastering Mayhem -- Ozone 4

Blake's off on Vacation... you know, the usual. Monaco, Seville, Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur. While he's jet-setting his way about, I figured I'd throw up a bit of gear geakdom.

In addition to playing guitar, singing, and stomping my feet, I also handle a bit of the audio duties for 46Long. That means running sound at gigs and also helping out the AE in the studio. Increasingly, I've also taken on tweeking the mixdowns from the studio. For a couple of years, I've been using Ozone 3, and have been pretty pleased with it. While many professional mastering engineers rightly scoff at the abuse of Ozone "Presets" by amatuer mastering types, I've found that if you go beyond the presets and work with the various available within Ozone, such as the EQ (see above) and multi-band compressors, you can get some very good results. So, when Izotope came out with Ozone 4 recently, I sprung for the upgrade right away.

My evaluation? This is a very nice step up from Ozone 3. The ability to dial in more/less of individual paramaters in a sort of wet/dry ballance is very nice. And, the new preview setting, which helps ballance the gain of the track with and without the processing is a huge help in A/B'ing a particular setting package.

I'm having a blast feeling my way through the potential of Ozone 4 while working on the tracks for "Off the Rack." Hopefully we'll have a final version for all you fan's come Summer!

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