Saturday, April 4, 2009

Have we mentioned that we love Arnold's?

You know, the big guy and I were a little crestfallen when we first learned that we were being moved to the early slot at Arnold's instead of the "get naked" 9-1 slot. I mean, what's the point of playing rock star if it's so early that there won't be anybody loose enough yet to dance in front of the stage?

But then again, this is Arnold's we're talking about.

We had a blast last night, and would have gone on all night if the headlining band, Langiappe (cool, N'awleans vibe, BTW), hadn't been in a hurry to set up, and if Jonathan's poor, baby, uncalloused fingers hadn't given out. The Moerlein OTR was magical, and the food afterward was great.

But most importantly, the fans kicked some serious ass. Big shout out to "From the Highlands to the Lowlands and back again" Rita. Welcome home, lass. Great to see the "four in the corner" women again out on a ladies' night. And we can't say enough about the Dancing Eagles. Represent and Summum, yo! You want 'A's? We want t-shirts!!


And to all the 46 Long virgins, and the awesome staff members who always make us feel loved (this is a rare thing in this business), we give a hearty thanks!

We hope to see you there again next month. Yes, you can be a rock star in the 6-8 slot.....if you're at Arnold's....

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