Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have we no shame?

I mean, really. It's bad enough that we've decided to do a CD of mostly cover tunes. And not just any cover tunes... some decidedly challenging cover tunes. More so, and with all due immodesty, I think we've been kicking butt in the process. So far we've got some totally groovin' and very original versions of Tom Waits, Morephene, and Nina Simone tunes in the can. It's defintely been worth the big bucks we've been spending on studio time at Rubber Biscuit.
But now I'm starting to worry. One of the song's we've been working op arrangements for is "Come Together." Yeah, that "Come Together"... the one by the Beatles. So, here we are, a High School English teacher with a Harmonica (OK, a bunch of harmonicas) and an African Historian with a guitar (OK, a bunch of guitars), doing a cover of a Beatles tune. Can we possibly come up with an angle, a groove, or a vibe that makes the tune our own? Have we gone too far?

Time will tell.

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