Saturday, May 16, 2009

Magic on E. 8th St.

Well, the big guy and I dragged our dragging butts downtown last night - both of us worn-out, exhausted, and overworked with our Clark Kent duties, and with no end in sight. Playing music seemed like an irresponsible diversion from our, well, responsibilities. We hadn't played together in nearly a month, and we had rust upon our rust.

That said, we both were looking forward to our little oasis on the stage at Arnold's for a two-hour vacation, and man, did the courtyard work its magic. I think it was one of our better shows, musically, in a while. I knew something was up when Jonathan was noodling around with the slide on the Liberty as I was setting up (he's always there before me), and he was laying down chops that I'd never heard him play before. I said to him, "Someone's been practicing," and he looked at me and said, "I haven't picked up a guitar in weeks."

So, I think we definitely had some smokin' moments last night, but we couldn't do it without all of the energy from the fans. A big shout out to all of the soon-to-be- Eagle alumni - Max, Mike, Matt, Mark, Maeve, Martha(I'm seeing a pattern here), Aimee, and everyone else in the WHHS crew there last night. We love the t-shirts! '09!, '09!

Thanks to our loyal grown-up fans and their families - The Vitz Family, The Taylor Family, The Bond family, the Lowry family.....and to our new fans, like Jennifer (Happy Birthday!) and all the rest of the 46 Long virgins and new fans....we hope that's a mutually inclusive statement.

Of course, apart from being such a cool venue aesthetically, Arnold's wouldn't be Arnold's without the great staff. Thanks to Rhonda and the crew for another evening where we felt more than appreciated. We look forward to returning....I think in July (have to check the calendar).

So, it's back to the old grind for the two of us, and it will be a week or so before we get any breathing room. But then, I believe we have a CD to finish up. More on that soon....

You guys rock!

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