Monday, June 1, 2009

Since when did we become a real band!?!

Pardon the self-deprecating humor, but what the hell? We have two big bits of news this week. The first is that we've been asked to play the Rivertown Breakdown this year. This is THE big roots / Americana gathering in the tristate every year, and we've been added to this year's bill! The big event is Saturday, June 13 at the Southgate House. We'll be playing the upstairs parlor from 8:00 to 8:45. There will be bands on all three stages all night long, capped off with an all-star jam at 1:00 am. More information can be found at:

Then...and here's even bigger news....yesterday we found out that we've been selected to play the Midpoint Music Festival. This. Is. Huge. Check it out for yourself: I went to this last year, and in one night, I might have seen a dozen bands in about nine different venues, and not only was the music good and very diverse. but every place was packed. I don't know where they shipped the people in from, but there they were. This will be a great weekend, so save the date in late September!

Phew, all of this, and we're headed to Rubberbiscuit studios tonight for more recording mayhem....pretty soon, we'll be finished recording, on to mixing, and then....well, let's just say it will be "Off the Rack".....


  1. AWESOMENESS!! btw - I'll be pimpin this out on twitter :) *waves*

  2. This sounds really awesome guys! Keep it up!