Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Arnold's Magic!

Ok... Ok.... It's well established that Blake & I love to play Arnolds. It's a great room, the staff are super-cool, and the crowd is always receptive. So, we were in a very good mood as we loaded in to play the dinner show last night.

We arrived to find the Cheap Suits setting up for their show later that evening. I was slightly miffed that they had taken over the stage with their gear... but as soon as I talked to them, I found them to be first-rate guys. They immediately offered to let us use their (very fancy) PA, so as to save me the trouble of setting our own up for the night. Paul, the bass player, not only helped out, but he ran sound for us during the gig. He even took some cool photos, which I'll post when he forwards them along. Rock on, Paul!

The first couple of songs, admittedly, seemed to drag a bit, but after a few minutes we started to work up a sweat and started smokin'. In particular. I thought that we laid down a totally kickin' version of "'Till the Mood is Right" and a very nice version of "Death Letter."

And... on a mic-geek side-note, I tried out a new mic last night. I picked up and ElectroVoice Raven a couple of months back, but was disappointed by its sound in the studio... it came across as too bright. But, I had heard good things about this mic live, so I gave it a try. Darned if it didn't sound dandy. Now both Blake & I have sexy stage mics.

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