Sunday, February 21, 2010

HD Beanz, Byotchez!

Ahem....Well, we're right in the middle of a bunch of giggin, and when it's finished, we're gonna put the final touches on the music for the CD, and then we'll do the annoying part of getting licenses for the cover tunes, get the graphics and packaging done, get set up with itunes, etc..... figure we'll have the CD ready by 2015 or something....

Thanks agaion to HD Beans for a rockin' night on Friday. Thanks to the Bond family, Bob, K and the kidz, the Barnyard Burlesque crew, and everyone else who came out to see us that night. Lots of new 46 Long fans, we hope. Seemed that way at the time. Oh, and Josh Eagle is a damn fine singer / songwriter as well.

Private party this week, then Arnold's on the 5th for BOCKFEST!!!! See you there!!

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