Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Debauchery Central

OK, usually it's bad form to blog on a private party, but I'm close to the hosts of our gig this past Saturday, and I can tell a tale or two.... or maybe I won't. Jonathan and I only played until 10 or so, but somehow, I didn't get to sleep until after FIVE. This party was something else. I'll just say this: they BUILT A STRIPPER'S POLE IN THE LIVING ROOM ....just for the party. I'm not saying any more....to protect the guilty...

This Friday, at our monthly Arnold's gig, the bar gets raised yet again, as we'll be playing Arnold's annual beer blowout extravaganza - Bockfest! It's destined to be another wild time, so come on out! We're on stage from 6-8. The party starts at Arnold's at 4 pm, parade at 6, and the fun goes until....?

As I'm writing this, Jonathan is in the studio laying down the guitar and vocal tracks for our final song for the CD. I'll add harp and percussion soon, and then we'll be in the home stretch. We'll keep you posted!

Come on out to Bockfest!

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